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How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life


A powerful video by Jon Kabat-Zinn, where he explores mindfulness in everyday life, and how the 9 attitudes of mindfulness can bring balance and fulfillment to our lives.


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The 23 Amazing Health Benefits of Mindfulness


A well thought-through collection of resources that breaks down all of the health benefits of practicing mindfulness in everyday life, with sources to back them up.


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The Secret to Feeling Calm and Focused


Why do Buddhist monks appear peaceful and present all the time? Do they know some hidden secret that you don’t? These 7 Buddhist monk habits are hard to adopt but they’ll change your life forever.


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10 Mindful Attitudes That Decrease Anxiety


By exerting more conscious control over our behaviors and attitudes, we learn to work with our capacity to be kind to ourselves. Mindfulness allows us to interrupt our actions that lead to anxiety.


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How to Meditate: An Animated Guide


An invitation into releasing the resistance to one of the most life-expanding practices possible. Explore how to overcome your self-defeating resistance and reap the benefits of meditation.


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Who is The Happiest Man in The World?


A 69-year-old monk whom scientists call the “world’s happiest man” says the secret to being happy takes just 15 minutes a day. He believes mindfulness of others can lead to happiness. 


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