Learning Forums

The learning forums are offered to refine, expand and develop our understanding and wise application of mindfulness in the Southern African context.

Learning forums are held live monthly in the IMISA Zoom room.
Contact Lynne Gordon, IMISA Operations Officer, at lynne@mindfulness.org.za, to receive notifications of the monthly learning forums.
Attendance at the live Zoom learning forums is free to IMISA Professional Members.
Donations to fund ongoing resource development would be appreciated.
A very warm thanks to all who have donated so generously, assisting IMISA in making mindfulness more accessible.

The Understanding Space: Becoming trauma-informed


Barbara Gerber (Psychologist and Senior Mindfulness Teacher), Mbuyiselo Yanta (Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher) and Pete Milligan (Psychiatrist) reflect in conversation on developing a mindful perspective on trauma, focusing on individual trauma, collective and historical trauma and the importance of being trauma-informed when engaging in mindfulness-based interventions and practice.


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The Practice Space: Trauma-sensitive mindfulness


Mandy Johnson (Coach and Mindfulness Teacher) explores trauma-sensitive mindfulness practice, in ways which are maximally helpful and minimally harmful together with Willoughby Britton (Neuroscientist at Brown University in the US) and Paula Ramirez (Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor who works internationally with traumatised communities).


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Teaching mindfulness-based groups


Listen to Trish Bartley in conversation with Linda Kantor and Thobi Zulu as she explores the subject of teaching mindfulness-based groups. Trish’s new book “Teaching Mindfulness-Based Groups, The Inside Out Group Model” was launched at this forum.
Trish is a founding member of the core training team at the Centre for Mindfulness, Research and Practice (CMRP), Bangor University, UK, and is the author of “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer and Mindfulness: A Kindly Approach to Being with
Linda Kantor is a counselling psychologist, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher. Thobi Zulu is a mindfulness facilitator and a board member of the Institute for Mindfulness South Africa (IMISA).


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