Exploring mindfulness and enhancing your well-being

Mindfulness is a way of waking up in the world. Whenever we bring awareness, without judgment and with whole-hearted intention to the present moment, we are engaging in mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation is a practical way to cultivate mindfulness. When practised formally, these meditation practices help us to tap into this awareness more readily. And while formal mindfulness practices are an important foundation, the whole of life is an opportunity to practise mindfulness.

Every moment is one in which we can wake up, become present, and mindful.

Mindfulness supports well-being.

The more we practise mindfulness, the more aware we are of the distinction between when we are present, and mindful, and when we are on ‘autopilot’ and ‘mindless’.

So, with practice, it becomes easier to notice what is typically ‘off the radar’ of our ordinary, everyday awareness – the activity of our minds, our patterns of thinking, and emotions, which drive so much of our behaviour.

We begin to notice our habitual behaviour and responses with deepening understanding and compassion. This tempers conditioned reactivity to challenging experiences.

It does not mean we do not feel our feelings, or live a pain-free life. Rather it invites a new way of being in relationship to our passing states of mind and body (thoughts, feelings and sensations).

While, this might not seem like a lot, experiencing this shift reveals a spaciousness embedded right here within the heart of our experience, out of which new ways of being and seeing ourselves, each other and the world begin to effortlessly emerge.

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